XWAY is the excellent solution to hold your Smart phones (iPhone), PDA or Navigator inside your car, mounted directly on the air vent grill, FIXWAY is the same concept but for your dashboard. FIXWAY comes with 2 metal squares 20mm x 20mm self adhesive, to be placed on any flat surface, on the back of the FIXWAY is magnetic, designed to cover exactly the metal square once connected (you can place it and remove it from the metal square at any time), on the front is exactly the same of XWAY, 4 powerful magnets (with opposite poles layout to avoid any magnetic interference when connected to the metal clip self adhesive stick on the back of your electronic device) and a steel X frame over injected with anti vibration rubber for a perfect stability allow the use of the touchscreen even with a single hand. Practical, reliable, light and a really compact design. FIXWAY does not obstruct your view while driving as for the suction pad system.
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