Driving Safely

Tetrax XWAY is a new practical solution to place your gps navigator system in your car Suction pad systems (Sps) currently available in the market have some disadvantages and problematic feature:

  • Sps obstruct your view through the windshield creating dangerous blank spot
  • Sps is not at your finger tip and the touch screen is not in a convenient position
  • Sps leave marks on the wind shields, it’s not nice and it’s a clear sign of GPS navigator inside the car for thieves

In this video you may observe how dangerous could be positioning GPS navigator on a high level like on the wind shield:

Video Sicurezza

  • It can be tightly mounted on the air vent of your car avoiding aproximate solutions
  • Powerful neodymium magnets creates a vector with opposite force to the crash force, decreasing the evntula kinetic of the GPS navigator
  • XWAY position is lower thanth Sps , in case of impact it’s a rare eventi t crashes on the most delicat part of your bodies like your head. In case of crash, it’s position should not be dangerous for people sitting in the back seats, decreasing the possibilities of potentially dangerous trajectories.
  • In California Minnesota (and other states around the world) , it’s forbidden to mount GPS navigators on the windshield. [ Read more...]